UNFPA Project

To Enhancing SGBV/HTPs prevention and access to justice women and girls via multi faceted approach

The main objective of the project is Enhancing Gender Equality and Mitigating Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) through the provision of legal aid, Capacity Building and, Public Education and research and advocacy.

From its work on women rights for more than two decades in Ethiopia and several literatures on the issue of rights, EWLA has long realized that for women to claim their rights, intervention on their ability and self-esteem; the attitude of others surrounding them and on the structures that enforce their rights is important. Understandably, which of the interventions have stronger impact on claiming rights is debatable, partly, for lack of national data showing the causal link. Nor is there a clear knowledge to what extent one part of empowerment influences the other. However, understanding of the gender dynamics and local context lends a hand to EWLA to hypothesize that all the parts must be engaged to see a meaningful impact. Furthermore, EWLA hypothesizes that the likelihood of relations women negotiate or social support within their life may have a greater bearing/influence. It is with this hypothesis that the interventions proposed in this application are designed.

The Specific Objective of the project:

  • To enhance community awareness, including girls, boys & perpetrators in the prevention of SGBV and HTPs  
  • To enhance capacities of Justice Professionals and other supporting professionals (Judges, Public Prosecutors, Police, social workers, medical professionals, case workers, pro-bono lawyers and counselors) in the prevention of and response to SGBV
  • To improve the assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem of women, Self-representation skill in court litigation for women and girls
  • To strengthen and scale up the access to free legal aid services to SGBV survivors in integrated manner
  • To strengthen coordination and advocacy on SGBV

Expected Outcome of the Above Activitity,

  • Capacitated community and government autorities over women’s rights and GBV in each intervantion sites
  • Creating Standardized and systematized response mechanizm over women’s rights and GBV victim survivors.
  • Enhanced investigation & communication skills of the police in dealing with GBV victims and perpetrators
  • Capacitated Judges and Public Prosecutors who handle GBV cases in gender sensitive manner
  • Increased access of women to justice sector organs and support service providers was ensured

Project Detail

Project titleTo Enhancing SGBV/HTPs prevention and access to justice women and girls via multi faceted approach
Project lifetime (period):October 2018 - December 2023
Intervention Aria of the ProjectAddis Ababa, Amhara, Oromiya, SNNPR, Assosa and Gambela

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