Women voice leadership/ Yesetwa Tigat

Major Undertakings under “Women’s Voice and Leaders” Project

EWLA has been implementing project titled “Women’s Voice and Leaders” whose duration is March to August 2020. Among major activities of the project, one is sensitizing first year’s female students on election, on how to understand a political program, the importance of voting and taking into account the parties’ stands on women’s rights when deciding to elect.   However, due to fast spread of COVID-19, it has become difficult to implement this activity.  Thus, EWLA redirected budget allocated for this particular activity and provided sanitary materials to its staff, volunteers and clients (more than 380 beneficiaries).  Still cognizant of staff safety, the Association facilitated transportation service for staff and volunteers using its vehicles. Under this project, EWLA also worked on organizational capacity development.

Project Detail

Project TitleWomen’s Voice and Leaders